Product designer & Crochet researcher

Crochet definition

Here is a sneak peek of my research during my Superior Degree in Applied Art (2017-2018).

I first started to mastered the technique by doing a series of pattern. Since the gesture is the essence of this technique I confronted the making to the manipulation of those samples.

Changing the scale of my samples gave me a new way to see them, they became objects, furnitures, architectures.
Without worrying about feasibility, the stick figures interact with the sample and transport them in a tottaly new environment. Suddenly a crochet piece became more than a decorative object forgotten on a shelf.
I could see potential but I had to have now a more functional and practical approach.

Following an empiric approach, I discoverd a way to crochet textile pieces that are modular. It’s a very interesting feature because crochet is the only way to obtain this kind of technical volume made by a single thread.
It shows amazing potential for this technique. I didn’t look further in this direction yet but I think it’s an intersting ability to develop.