Product designer & Crochet researcher

Les affiliés

Les affiliés is a family of hybrid entities within a participative, open-source game, oscilliating between collection, combination and the exploration of a know-how.

Toys, art toys or collectibles, those figurines combine craft and digital making. Their non-figurative design invites imagination and creativity. The use of crochet allows an infinite variety of forms and textures, and breaks the stereotypes linked to this handicraft.


Lab planet, this world is the result of code manipulations. Les affiliés are the organisms born from these genetic mutations. They are composed of two organs. A core, with its digital algorithm build by 3D printing, and an envelope, with its artisanal manufacture code made by the human. The core acts as a structure, and the envelope defines the personality.

You can interact with this world through an internet platform. On this platform, you are invited to participate to the development of this species to ensure its survival.

If you want to create your own organism, you can either:

1- Use our open-source base and download the g-code to print the Core and the crochet diagram to make the Envelope, for free.

2- Buy a KIT that includes the physical Core and all the necessary elements to make the Envelope (crochets, yarns and diagrams).